Laura Ingraham blames John Fetterman's severe depression on "cruel" wife Gisele (video)

Fox host Laura Ingraham knows she can't attack Sen. John Fetterman (D–PA) for his severe depression, since many of her own viewers could be suffering from the same disorder. So she does what every good Republican does and blames the witch — in this case, Fetterman's wife.

"What do you think of Gisele Fetterman, who pushed this poor man to run for Senate?" she asked, stake and matches in hand. "Now he ends up in the hospital with clinical depression after already being hospitalized. I mean, is there a more twisted scenario … frankly cruel scenario, than this?" (See video, posted by Kat Abu, below.)

And Ingraham's MAGA guest, Ned Ryun, took the bait, striking the match as he compared Ms. Fetterman to Shakespeare's ambitious, murderous Lady McBeth.

"It seems very much like a Lady McBeth situation, which, she's very ambitious and she used her impaired husband as the vehicle to achieve some of her ambitions," he said.

To which Ingraham replied, with absolute seriousness, "It's sickening and it's cruel."

Apparently, the driven Gisele began plotting her hex against Fetterman in 2006, when he first entered politics as Mayor of Braddock, PA — a year before she even knew who he was. In the eyes of the GOP, that's one nasty woman.

Front page thumbnail image: Fox News