Marjorie Taylor Greene tells Black people to be "proud" of statues of their treasonous enslavers

Marjorie Taylor Greene expressed her disappointment that Black people don't think the same way she would think if she magically transformed into "Black people."

"If I were Black people today," she says in this video, "and I walked by one of those [Confederate general statues, I would be so proud."

Here's her full quote:

"I don't want our statues taken down in our country. I don't think you remove or erase history," said the history-hating Greene. "So I do agree those statues shouldn't be taken down. They're part of our history. We should learn from our history. We don't erase it. But that doesn't make me a racist because I disagree. As I say, leave the statue up there. If I were Black people today and I walked by one of those statues, I would be so proud. Because I'd say Look how far I have come in this country. Look how far my people have what they have overcome. And these are good things."

I wonder how Greene would like it if small museums were built around these statues to put them into historical context with signage describing the racist actions of the generals depicted in the statues?