Watch David Byrne and Maggie Rogers dancing in synch to "Strange Overtones"

There's almost nothing more delightful than watching David Byrne singing and dancing on stage. The way he moves his body in that slightly awkward way is just so utterly charming. And in this video of Byrne and Maggie Rogers singing and dancing to "Strange Overtones" at Radio City Music Hall on February 15, 2023, Byrne does not disappoint. Far Out Magazine explains that Strange Overtones, "is plucked from the former Talking Heads frontman's 2008 album with Brian Eno, Everything That Happens Will Happen Today." And Stereogum describes this terrific moment where Maggie Rogers and David Byrne found themselves on stage together:

That might not be one of Byrne's canonical classics, but it's a great song. During the keyboard solo, Rogers and Byrne danced together — a sort of shuffling Electric Slide type of deal — and it was the kind of thing that's impossible to dislike.

You can see their synchronized dancing, starting at around 2:45. Enjoy!