Zoom around town with this eBike and power station bundle, now on sale this Presidents' Day

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Everyone likes to say that Millennials and Gen Z are only good for eating Tide Pods and ruining stuff. Think fast though, because, while older generations were asleep, youngins we're doing things like creating bikes that basically drive themselves (you still need to steer, but you'll get it soon enough).

If you're looking for a new toy to score this Presidents' Day, this bundle with the A-Frame BirdBike and HomePower PRO Backup Power Station is on sale for only $1,999.99 (Reg. $3798). You'll have to act fast though, since this deal ends February 20.

When you're ready to ride, this A-Frame eBike gives you the best of all bikes (except for the ones you hang clothes on in your living room). It includes a powerful 500W motor that can get you where you need to be in the most efficient and effective way possible, as well as a throttle on the handlebar for that extra zoom factor.

Speaking of nuts and bolts, the 36V/12.8Ah removable battery can be removed for charging if you prefer to give your wheels a little break and use the tools you were born with (we're talking about your feet, lazy bones). Also included are an anti-theft alarm armed with a 120-decibel sound and an embedded dash display, which is a convenient way to check your speed, distance, pedal assist mode, and battery life. It's pretty fancy schmancy, if you ask us.

Need some proof? WhichEV calls the BirdBike, "An ebike with solid build, decent range, and great tech," while T3 raves, "The build quality, price and riding experience are all spot on. It sure does look an awful lot like a VanMoof, but it's cheaper."

When you need some juice on that bad boy, included in this bundle is HomePower PRO—a power station that provides battery when you're in a pinch. Not just for your bike, it works on a 1210Wh capacity that can provide up to 7 days of emergency power to nearly all of your appliances so your food doesn't go bad (who are we kidding, you're takeout royalty). And, with regulated energy output, you'll get an all around cleaner and quieter charge that can ease your stress when your worries are at a maximum. 

Find out why this bike received 4.9/5 rating on TrustPilot and start traveling in an environmentally stylish way. Get the On The Road Bundle with the BirdBike and HomePower PRO for just $1,999.99. This deal ends February 20 at 11:59pm Pacific.

Prices subject to change.