The beautiful threadwork of Ukrainian artist Vladimir Denshchikov (1952-2022)

The most recent Russian invasion of Ukraine is one year old. But this post is about a Ukrainian artist, actor, and teacher named Vladimir Denshchikov, whom I learned about from this fabulous artist and teacher, Oksana Ivanik. The image above exemplifies Denshchikov's knitting-collage work "made from linen yarn in 9 months by tying hundreds of thousands of knots."

The Wiki page on Denshchikov is based on Russian language press material and, crudely-translated, points out that "Denshchykov had acted in theatre, in which he played in over 100 roles. He took the Russian citizenship after the Annexation of Crimea by the Russian Federation for which Denshchykov was welcomed. He suffered a stroke … his work was occasionally knotted or knitting-collage."

During his 69 years on the planet, Denshchykov also won numerous awards: "Laureate of the Prize of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea; the Simferopol City Council "Star of Glory and Honor" in 2012; Knight of the Order of St. Vladimir Equal-to-the-Apostle; Honorary Academician of the Crimean Academy of Sciences (Professor), Order "For Merit" of the III (degree), Order of Merit and People's Artist of Ukraine."

Check out more images from Denshchykov here. This 2020 article from The Daily Mail about Denshckykov's "stunning collection of million-knotted collages of Russian Orthodox icons" also contains numerous genuinely unique images created with patience and intentionality.

Oksana Ivanik is an "art painter & teacher, born/raised near the Baltic Sea."

I am intrigued by Denshchykov's work and life. The details, the time, the religious iconography, his relationship to Crimea, the context of his life, other artists in his orbit, etc. If anyone has more information, please share it in the comments.