Gentleman traps two cops in car and drives toward pole before one officer grabs the wheel

When a Florida man was stopped by a cop and told to get out of his car, he did what any gentleman in the Sunshine State would do and, allegedly, trapped two officers in his car. He then proceeded to drive toward a pole before one of the cops took over the wheel — just in the nick of time.

According to Miami Herald, 27-year-old Antonio Marquis Belle-Betts was told to step out of his car during an afternoon traffic stop on Saturday after a police officer noticed drug paraphernalia and a knife on either side of him. But Belle-Betts had a brighter idea.

From Miami Herald:

As officers tried to remove him, Belle-Betts trapped one of the officer's arms in the vehicle and put it in drive, the release says. A backup officer tried to free the trapped officer as both were dragged down the street, according to police.

The trapped officer's arm became free, but the other officer got stuck in the vehicle with Belle-Betts as he accelerated, the release says. Belle-Betts took over the officer's shoulder radio and told him, "You're going to die today" as he drove toward a power pole, according to police. He also began striking the officer in the face, police said.

The officer took control of the steering wheel and hit the brake with his foot before the vehicle crashed, the release says.

The three men were taken to the hospital with minor injuries, while Belle-Betts was arrested and "is being held on a $1.125 million bond," according to the Herald. He faces many charges, including attempted felony murder.