Knoxville police release footage of wheelchair-using stroke victim dying in their custody after they abuse and berate her

What could be more American than a wheelchair-using 60 year-old woman being dragged from a hospital by cops after being denied care, being mocked and verbally abused by officers, then dying of a stroke in their custody, followed by the department publishing video of her begging for the help they are under no obligation to provide, to prove they did not simply beat her to death?

At one point, an officer is heard telling Edwards "now you're starting to piss me off," calling her "dead weight."

Also during the interaction, Edwards claims she has breathing issues and repeatedly asks for an inhaler, which officers claim she does not have. At one point, an officer digs in Edwards' purse, presumably to look for her inhaler, pulls out a pack of cigarettes and asks Edwards ,"Do you want a cigarette?"

Throughout this entire interaction, officers are shown trying to lift her into the wagon, but she repeatedly falls. The officers discuss this throughout the video, saying she's acting.

"It's all an act," one officer says to another.

"We all know that s—," that officer responds. "But unfortunately, if she goes over and can't breathe-"

"That act is going to turn into a problem," a third officer finishes.

What do you call an ER patient without insurance? A trespasser.