MAGA 2024 presidential candidate fails basic U.S. Defense question in embarrassing interview (video)

Vivek Ramaswamy, the third stable genius to enter the 2024 presidential race on the MAGA ticket, shows how fit he is to serve as President and U.S. Commander-in-Chief when asked a question on national security with Hugh Hewitt.

"Are you familiar with the triad?" Hewitt asks.

Although the average person might not be familiar with the nuclear triad — "the three legs of the U.S. nuclear triad serve as the backbone of America's national security," according to the Department of Defense, which includes land, air and sea — it seems reasonable to expect a person running to be chief protector of the United States to have some basic knowledge of the job. But not this sleeping 37-year-old candidate, whose "anti-woke" campaign neatly sums him up.

He responds to Hewitt by stuttering, pretending he doesn't hear what Hewitt is saying, and incorrectly guessing what the term means before Hewitt finally steps in to school Ramaswamy on National Defense 101.

(See video below, posted by The Recount.)