Marjorie Taylor Greene blames Biden for brothers' fentanyl deaths, but Biden was not in office; Trump was

Qonspiracy Queen Marjorie Taylor Greene is at it again. Today, she's lying about the Biden administration's role in the tragic deaths of two young brothers due to fentanyl poisoning. These deaths actually occurred during the Trump presidency, when Joe Biden was not even in public office.

But who cares about facts when you're a member of the Marjorie Taylor Greene cult? Her worshippers will believe anything she says, no matter how blatantly false it is. They'll nod their heads in agreement as she spews her lies and fear-mongering tactics, all in the name of "protecting our children" and advancing the cause of QAnon.

It's truly remarkable how Greene manages to twist every tragedy into a political weapon. Instead of acknowledging the complex issues surrounding drug addiction and immigration, she chooses to blame it all on the Biden administration and their supposed failure to secure the southern border. It's a tired, old tactic that she and her ilk have been using for years, and her truth-hating followers eat it up like candy.