New '90s-era American Girl twins are opposites: one makes zines, the other Y2K lists

In Seattle in 1999, Isabel and Nicki Hoffman poke around the world wide web and indulge in personal pan pizzas from Pizza Hut. But these newly released American Girl dolls have differences that set them apart. Isabel, an outgoing cat person, is the "glitter" of the duo with pink platform Mary Janes and a raspberry beret. Her edgier twin, the dog-lovin' Nicki, is a skater girl who makes zines. She wears a yin-yang choker, a backwards baseball cap, and is considered the "grunge" of the two.

Yes, you read that right, "glitter and grunge." Corporate's words, not mine.

Also, prepare to be amused and/or feel old because these dolls are considered historical characters. I wasn't prepared for that reality check.

The authors of the Isabel and Nicki books, Julia DeVillers and Jennifer Roy, share their favorite parts of the twins' story:

Julia: I love Isabel and Nicki's enthusiasm and joy for doing all the '90s things. Isabel is passionate about writing with her glittery gel pens, keeping her Tamagotchi well-fed, eating Cheez Balls, reading for Book-It prizes, and planning to celebrate Y2K. The twins create countdown lists: "10 Things to Do Before Y2K." They "twin-ky" promise to complete their goals before the new millennium, including conquering a fear, performing an act of kindness, and making a memory to last forever…

Jennifer: I enjoyed it when Nicki skateboards and walks her energetic puppy Blossom around her community. She shows us what it was like to live in her community in Seattle when Seattle became the mecca of '90s music, coffee shops, and technology. When I was young, I had a skateboard that I loved to ride around my neighborhood in Upstate New York. I felt so carefree and I even learned to do some tricks, just like Nicki! (Please don't ask me to try it now!)