Father Guido Sarducci's idea for the Five Minute University

This morning, channel surfing the 'Tube over morning coffee, I bumped into this gem from the late, great Father Guido Sarducci (Don Novello). It's his proposal for the Five Minute University.

At the Five Minute University, you learn everything in 5 minutes that the average college student actually remembers 5 years after graduating (e.g. If you took two years of college Spanish, in five years, you will likely only remember: Como esta usted and Muy bien, so that's all you learn in your Spanish "class" at the university, Economics? Supply and demand.).

The Five Minute University would cost $20 and that would include tuition, cap and gown rental, diploma, and a graduation Polaroid.

So many Father Guido Sarducci ideas have stuck with me over the years. My favorite was him encouraging people to keep their Christmas/holiday lights up all year long and turning them on when you're unusually happy, letting the neighbors know that you've had a particularly fabulous day.