Remembering Daniel Johnston

I was scrolling through all of the terrific Choir! Choir! Choir! offerings the other night (seriously, their work is so good!) and stumbled across this heartbreaking rendition of Daniel Johnston's True Love Will Find You In the End, which I had to share. It was recorded on September 22, 2019, shortly after Johnston's death, as a tribute to his truly remarkable life. Choir! Choir! Choir! explains:

Daniel Johnston died last week at 58 years old, a singular voice in music and art that inspired so many. Famous acts covered his songs, art dealers sold his paintings, and fans were drawn to his raw sincerity. We were lucky to have him for the time that we did. But his legacy will live on. This past Tuesday, we dedicated our night to him, with proceeds going to Art With Impact, a charity that uses art to help people working through mental illness. Rest In Peace, Daniel Johnston.

If you want to hear some more of Johnston's work, check out this great Tiny Desk Concert from June, 2012. NPR Music describes the artist and the set, which includes "Mean Girls Give Pleasure," "Hold on Mama," and "American Dream":

A troubled soul with a talent for writing honest, disarmingly direct songs, Johnston performs in the NPR Music offices. His short set closes with one of his classics: "True Love Will Find You in the End."