You can now order pizza with a Nintendo Wii (again)

The Nintendo-loving developers of WiiLink have come out with a new way to keep your wii busy this year with a revival of the long-discontinued WiiConnect24 services, including formerly Japanese-exclusive channels! One very clearly takes the cake or, rather, the pie. 

The Demae Channel was a Nintendo Wii channel introduced in 2009 that enabled users in Japan to order food from the comfort of their own homes and have it delivered, long before the days of Doordash and its ilk. Somehow, the service remained functional until 2017 when Nintendo pulled the plug on online Wii channels. 

Now, a small team of developers and Nintendo fans have updated the Demae Channel for 2023 so that users can once again order pizza to their door using a videogame console that was discontinued nearly a decade ago. While at the moment orders are limited to Dominos, it seems that more restaurant options are being planned for the future. Video demo below. The only question is, how does it all work? Wii may never know. 

image: sirtravelalot/Shutterstock