• This is the other Tetris theme song

    In 1989, Nintendo launched "Tetris" into the public eye. Pre-packaged with nearly every Game Boy, and selling 35 million units, now almost everyone knows the theme song. But did you know the first 25,000 copies of Nintendo's Tetris had a completely different soundtrack? Elliot of The Retro Future explains these "Minuet" copies, and was able to track down two examples to check out. If a seller knows what they have, these copies fetch around $40 on eBay. 

  • Support a new documentary about vaporwave music

    In 2009, musician Daniel Lopatin (Oneohtrix Point Never) released a track called "Nobody Here" followed by the album "Chuck Person's Eccojams Vol.1" less than a year later. Now, that track is considered the first vaporwave song, and "Eccojams" the first vaporwave album, with one of the original 100 cassettes going for $2,000 on Discogs. Yesterday saw the launch of a crowdfunding campaign for "Nobody Here: The Story of Vaporwave," the first feature documentary about the genre, with artists on the soundtrack (and hopefully in the film) like Saint Pepsi, CatSystem Corp., Death's Dynamic Shroud, Yung Bae, Luxury Elite, and more. The Indiegogo rewards range from the soundtrack on vinyl, cassette, or MiniDisc to a Macintosh Plus signed by the artists and filmmakers. They aim to complete the film by January 2021 but right now, there's not much to do but support the project and just enjoy yourself…

  • Visiting a China trade show for fireworks manufacturing machines

    Above, a visit to a building in Liuyang, China where stacks of roman candle tubes and pop-its cover the floor. This is a fireworks machine trade show, where companies purchase contraptions for cranking out explosions of all kinds. Liuyang is commonly known as the fireworks capital of China. Here are some of the captivating machines that make (or break) July 4th and New Years Eve in the US.

    (Props to Tasick Media on YouTube)

    And as a bonus, here's a video of another machine that was used for manufacturing M-80s before they were outlawed in the US in 1966 (unless you have a license):

    (Credit goes to displayfireworks1 on YouTube)

  • Making chiptunes with a calculator

    HoustonTracker2 is free software that turns your still-overpriced Texas Instruments graphing calculator into a synth. Demo above. Now, you will not only be the nerdiest kid in algebra class, but the coolest as well.

    HoustonTracker 2 is a music editor/sequencer for Texas Instruments graphing calculators. It outputs 1-bit sound through the calculator link port. HT2 features 4 voice polyphony, tons of effects, and a simple, tracker-style interface.

  • Fantastic collection of 1980s videogame TV commercials

    Videogame commercials are practically a lost art. The 1980s was the peak of videogame advertising, especially on television. Above, a one hour collection of those fantastic commercials. No matter how silly and crazy they may be, they're still a vital part of videogame history. Don't miss: The Toys R Us (RIP) commercial featuring Atari's Pac-Man and a classic Atari rap. Have fun!