Statues of giant coffee pots around the USA

If statues of giant coffee pots are your thing, Roadside America has composed a list of some larger-than-life kettles that you can visit around the USA. For example, In Winston-Salem, North Carolina, you can feel tiny as you stand beside "The Big Coffee Pot", which stands 7 ft. 3 inches tall and could hypothetically hold 11,840 cups of joe. As a caffeine fiend, this sounds like my kind of coffee pot!

Some other places on the list include the Coffee Pot and Cup Water Towers of Stanton, Iowa, which has a cute and dainty floral design. There's a building shaped like a Coffee Pot in Lexington, Virginia, and even a coffee pot shaped nightclub in Tacoma, Washington. If these buildings were actually filled to the brim with real coffee, I'd be swimming inside of them.