The trailer for Beef looks like a premium cut

At this point, who doesn't love A24? For the last decade, the Avante Garde film studio has green-lit some of the most entertaining and artistic films ever made. From science fiction flicks like Ex Machina to taut thrillers like Uncut Gems, A24's name has become synonymous with experimental creativity and unassailable quality. And that was before the studio won all of the awards in the multiverse for its celebrated dimension-spanning film Everything Everywhere All At Once. Even though they're relatively new, A24's dedication to creating engrossing content that doesn't condescend to viewers has earned them top billing in the hearts of cinephiles. 

Now that they've made tremendous strides in the world of film, it's no surprise that A24 is looking to expand its content portfolio into the world of television. In the video linked above, you can check out the trailer for Netflix's Beef, starring Ali Wong and Steven Yeun.