Bean-themed whoopee cushion: a real gas!

Sarah Dudek is not only a food fanatic, but also a talented artist, storyteller, and screen-printer. Through her Indestructible Food project, she's recently released a custom-printed "Beans" Whoopee Cushion just in time for April Fools' Day. It's no joke though. These are real rootin' tootin' rubbery funny noisemakers and works of art.

She includes a humorous story about how the Great Depression may have been the catalyst for the practical joke device's popularity. She posits that people were poor, beans were cheap, and farts were a-plenty. Flatulence is also funny, and the whoopee cushion offered cheap laughs.

The 'Beans' Whoopee Cushion is available either in the Artist's Edition for $45 (signed, numbered, and limited to 44) or the Prankster's Edition for $15 ("Because some of you may think this idea is funny, but not THAT funny. I get it.").

I discovered Sarah through a Marshmallow Fluff festival and started following her on Instagram. As huge fan a Fluff, I was utterly charmed by her handmade Fluff products, including this print, and quickly ordered some for myself and as gifts. If you love food-art crossovers, keep Sarah on your radar.