Alan Dershowitz envisions Trump as the first President serving from prison

Attorney Alan Dershowitz, whose friendship with Jeffrey Epstein and admiration for Donald Trump have made him persona non grata among his former friends on Martha's Vineyard makes the case that Trump could serve as President of the United States from prison.

In an interview with NewsMax, Dershowitz argued that even if Trump is indicted and convicted in New York, he could still run for President because the Constitution only has three criteria for eligibility: being at least 35 years old, not having fought in the Civil War, and being born in the United States. Dershowitz quipped that while the first two criteria are clearly met, the third one might be problematic for Trump, given his past claims that Barack Obama was not born in the United States.

"After what he said about Barack Obama, lied about him not being born in the United States, it might come back to haunt him because they were both born on islands outside of the United States," said Dershowitz, "So Barack Obama was born in Hawaii and Donald Trump was born on Long Island, so maybe there is a plausible claim that he wasn't born in the United States."

He then added, "Obviously, I'm joking," just in case the NewsMax viewers were confused.

He continued, "And those three criteria are clearly met. And he can run for President from prison or he can even serve as President from prison."

[Via Newsweek]