"Frog on the Floor" is the evolutionary pinnacle of SoCal Pop-Rock

You'd be forgiven if you weren't aware of the burgeoning "hyperpop" movement, a sort-of maximalist, meta-ironically post-postmodern clown pastiche of pop music. Like Gen Zers shooting their veins full of nihilistic Dada humor, and then accidentally inventing the art of mixtapes while they're tripping balls. Except, in this case, the "mixtape" is sort of just like collaged snippets of modern pop music history, stripped of all its context. An epic club synth hook here, an 80s drum beat here, topped off with a sample from a Blink-182 song. And they don't have access to actual cassette tapes, so the only medium (which is, of course, the message) through which to convey their emotions is instead TikTok.

100 gecs is one of the most finest practitioners of this form, and the duos newest album, 10,000 gecs, feels like a perfect distillation of what that sort of Orange County Southern California music scene vibe is supposed to have been all about — sort of like Tumblr became sentient and invented No Doubt.

And that brings us to "Frog on the Floor" above, a meme-ified electronic ska bop about, well, a frog, on the floor, at a party, who's totally raging, doing kegstands and shit dude. It's ridiculous. It's beautiful. It's a perfect encapsulation of the last 30 or so years of our ever-accelerating mono-culture. Is it dumb? Is it genius? Is it a joke? Is it poetry? Is it trolling? Yes.