Silly Rudy Giuliani goofs again with technical glitches galore (video)

Republican jester Rudy Giuliani entertained us again with one of his technical-glitch-routines on Newsmax today — a clownish act he's performed many times in the past. (See video below, posted by Mike Sington.)

Appearing remotely on the conservative channel to defend Donald Trump, the disgraced former mayor began his schtick by speaking into his microphone with no sound. He then laughed heartily at his silent remarks, a kind of inside joke, if you will. When he saw nobody laughing, he moved on to a hand trick, pressing his palm up against the camera to give everyone a detailed look. Next was the disappearing act, in which he vanished from the screen while throwing his voice, so that this time we could hear him but not see him. Finally, he ended the 45-second shit show by popping back into view with intermittent sound, so that we had to fill in the blanks of whatever it was he was babbling about. Just another day in the life of Rudy Giuliani.

Front page thumbnail image: Boing Boing / midjourney