Donald Trump's lawyer suggested hush money was "illegal" and a "fraud" back in 2018 (surfaced video)

Donald Trump's lawyer has called today's possible indictment over the hush-money scandal "ridiculous," and last week tried to snatch evidence in the form of receipts away from an MSNBC host. But a 2018 CNN clip of Trump attorney Joe Tacopina has surfaced in which he sings a very different tune (see video below, posted by Acyn).

"If there's an issue with that payment being that it was made on behalf of the candidate, and it was not declared, that's fair game," said the younger Tacopina, who five years ago claimed he had attorney-client privilege not with Trump but with Stormy Daniels. Tacopina also suggested the payments could be considered "illegal" and a "fraud." Funny how his 2018 statements would make a fine argument for today's prosecuting attorneys.

Front page thumbnail image: CNN