Dozens of mystery Minions turning up in small Australian town (video)

Minions—like those seen in Despicable Me, etc.—have descended on the tiny Australian town of Warrack, Victoria. Apparently two dozen Minions have been installed across multiple properties. That means there is one Minion for every three Warrack residents. The figures are fashioned from scrap metal with some able to be used as planters or mailboxes. CCTV footage showed that the culprit appears to be, um, Santa Claus. From ABC News:

[Mountainside Wines proprietor Shane] Goninon thinks it's Daniel "Buckie" Buckingham.

"A few of us think the same," he said.

Out the front of Mr Buckingham's house is the town's largest installation and it's Gru — the minions' supervillain master[…]

Mr Gronion is also using the fact that Mr Buckingham owns an angle grinder to support his theory as it's a handy tool for welding and fabricating[…]
However, Mr Buckingham strenuously denies any involvement in the whodunnit and has his own counterclaim.

"I think Shane at the winery might have some strong ties, but it's not me, that's for sure," he said.