Lauren Boebert uses basic cult technique when speaking to MAGA devotees (video)

Watch the inner workings of cult recruiter Lauren Boebert, as she tells MAGA members not to believe what they see with their own eyeballs.

"I was there," she told the mindless mob, referring to Jan. 6. "It wasn't as bad as what we were seeing on TV — what CNN showed day after day after day."

Other alternative facts the Colorado Congressquack fed to the nodding, clapping Trump devotees: "He's a stronger speaker today because of what we did." … "The Republican party is more unified today." … "He's going to follow through on all of this …"

Another day, another feeding. Put simply, this is how the Inner Party of the brainwashed GQP keeps it alive. (Watch video below, posted by Patriot Takes.)

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