Today, Michigan regulators vote on conservative education "reform" plan to purge the word "democracy" from curriculum

Former Michigan Republican State Senator Patrick Colbeck has put together an ambitious, far-ranging educational "reform" package that is being voted on today by the Michigan State Board of Education. Read the rest

Pastor claims that you are robbing God if you are not donating 10%, even if you are in debt

This religious gentleman wants you to hand over 10% of everything you make, even if you are in debt. If you don't pay up, you are "robbing God," which is implied to be a bad thing, I guess.

His name is Charles Stanley and he is the senior pastor of First Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia. Read the rest

China is sending its ethnic minorities to torture camps to be brainwashed out of Islam

During the Cultural Revolution, millions of dissidents (and those suspected of dissidence) were sent to "re-education camps" where torture and slave labor were augmented by marathon "self-criticism" sessions where prisoners would have to engage in prolonged recitations and disavowals of their heresies. Read the rest

Life at a brainwashing "school for troubled teens"

Tyrsalvia sez, "This detailed and heart-wrenching account of life in a 'boarding school for troubled teens' has me shaking with rage. Kids are sent to these places for everything ranging from 'having low self esteem' to having been caught with drugs, to being gay or otherwise 'weird.' While there, they are abused and taught to abuse each other in a way I can only describe as Stanley Milgram meets George Orwell."

On May 10th of 2007 at around 2:30 in the morning two strangers barged into my bedroom. I started screaming and crying, as in my mind I was sure that these two strangers had broken into my house and were going to abduct me, rape me, kill me, or in some way harm me. They immediately told me that if I did not shut up that they would handcuff me. I was not being in any way violent or threatening. I was reacting in fear for my life by being vocal and hoping that someone would come to help. I had no idea what was going on. I stopped screaming, still in fear for my life. They started going through my closet digging out clothes as I was only in a night gown. They still had not explained what was going on. I asked, frightened, what the wanted from me, trying to see if I could in some way appease them and get them to leave. They then explained that they were going to take me to a school. It took me a second to understand what they meant by this, as this was an extremely bizarre way to introduce a child to a new school.

Read the rest