Kari Lake threatens to burn down Maricopa County in desperate bid to overturn election

Failed Arizona governor candidate Kari Lake has exhausted all legal appeals to overturn her loss after the Supreme Court rejected 6 of her 7 silly accusations that the election was stolen from her.

So the law-and-order MAGA crybaby, who holds democracy in such contempt that she's willing to resort to violent rhetoric to overturn a fair and legitimate election. is taking her case to the next level. Speaking at one of Charlie Kirk's fascist youth rallies, Lake said in her peculiar quaaludes-and-a-triple-espresso way of talking, "They have built a house of cards in Maricopa County. I'm not just going to knock it over. I'm going to burn it to the ground."

It's not clear what Lake intends to burn to the ground. Some government offices? Supreme court judges' residences? All of Maricopa county? If you live in Arizona, consider stocking up on fire extinguishers.