Fill your space with vivid colors from this galaxy lamp, now only $40

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With spring just around the corner, you're probably feeling the itch to revamp your home. It's that time of year when you're just about ready to ditch those heavy winter sheets on your bed, want to deep clean your home, and feel like spicing up your room with fun decor to celebrate the coming of warmer weather. If you're looking to add a unique piece of home decor that doesn't break the bank, then we've got you covered.

We've got something that's both a stunning decorative piece and is sure to bring you pure joy. Allow us to introduce you to this galaxy lamp from E.P. Light. This mesmerizing and beautifully crafted light fixture will be the item that all your houseguests compliment you on and give your space some extra 'oomph.' Even better, this lamp is now on sale for only $39.99 (reg. $69).

You know it's a great light fixture when it still looks cool in the daytime when you're not using it, and even better in the evening when it's shining to its full potential. The bulb is handcrafted with eco-friendly, drop-resistant resin, making it extremely durable. In addition, the bulb emits an aurora-like illumination, so any room in your home, whether that's your living room or bedroom, can have a Northern Lights glow. Ambient, artistic home lighting has never been easier to achieve.

Another great part about this lamp is that unlike other artistic or handcrafted lamps out there, this one boasts a unique Edison bulb shape while simultaneously operating with LED technology. In other words, not only will you have gorgeous, celestial lighting when you use the EP galaxy lamp, but you'll be going green, too. LED light bulbs use at least 75% less energy than traditional bulbs and can even last longer than their counterparts. 

Plus, if you're looking to add a fun piece to a child's room, this lamp could be a perfect, kid-friendly addition. The bulb never gets hot to the touch, so it's a safe purchase.

Spruce up your space in time for spring and grab the EP Light Galaxy Lamp and Wooden Base now for just $39.99 (reg. $69).

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