Skateboarder Mike O'Brien performs an ollie while lifting 315 pounds

An ollie on a skateboard is the most important trick to learn. It is a gateway trick. So many other tricks are possible once you know how to ollie—tapping the tail on your skateboard with your rear foot to extend your other foot upward and outward to gain height and length.

In this video, Mike O'Brien, a muscle-bound human successfully attempts an ollie while holding a weightlifting bar with 315 lbs attached to their shoulders. No power rack here. No spotters for the weight or the traffic – for that matter. Just a man, his bar and weight, with a skateboard in a garage with a small altar to Monster drinks.

Originally posted last year on Mike O'Brien's Instagram, We Skateboarding is one of many new Instagram handles reposting skateboarding videos that you might not find on Thrasher Magazine. Though I have one obvious question: besides being able to claim the feat, why? Who is responsible for this idea? This takes skateboard strength training to another level. On that tip, check out pro skateboarder Heimana Reynolds "gnarly science-based workout" routine in case you are interested in how a non-alcohol-based workout can benefit you. This Muscle and Fitness article is about how professional skateboarder Neen Williams got "Got Sober — and Then He Got Shredded."