Athletic kitten sees a skateboard and immediately figures out how to ride it (video)

When a ragdoll kitten spotted a skateboard twice her size, she didn't shy away. In fact, not only did the stoked kitty check it out — she actually taught herself how to ride it.

At first, the curious little cat, named Puka, simply climbed aboard her new toy. But when she noticed that stepping on the skateboard made it move, she experimented with jumps until she got the ride she wanted. (See video below, posted by pukakittycat.)

In one of her later videos, her human buys her a mini skateboard with hot pink wheels, which she politely tries out. But nope, Puka seems to prefer the big board, and in a different clip, even looks like she's figuring out how to replace her jump starts with a push of her paw.


Apparently my kitten likes to skateboard???

♬ original sound – Puka 🐚🐱🤍

Via Parade Pets

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