Transworld Skate's 2003 documentary on street skating monster Natas Kaupas

Natas Kaupas is my favorite skater to watch. I never get tired of his just running the streets.

His wallie is also mind blowing.

I frequently check the Santa Monica Airlines site to see if they have any new, or retro, deck designs of his for sale. Read the rest

Skate legend Jay Adams was still going strong in 2013

Sadly, Adams passed away in 2014 of a heart attack while on vacation. Read the rest

Downhill skate champ zooms down Colorado slope at 70mph

Downhill skateboard champ Zak Maytum flies down one of the fastest runs in his home state of Colorado “with speeds approaching 70mph, and rough-ass pavement. Be ready to have your fuckin' face melted.” Read the rest