Cate Blanchett rumored as lead in Tarantino's "The Movie Critic"

The eyes of the entire film world are on Quentin Tarantino right now. Last week, information leaked to the public that Tarantino recently finished the script for his alleged final film, The Movie Critic. Without anything but a title for the film to go on, cinephiles around the world have been left to speculate about the movie's plot. Normally, that wouldn't cause too much of a stir, but when the film in question is potentially the last outing from one of the most celebrated filmmakers of the last 30 years, the elevated levels of anticipation begin to make a little more sense. 

Will Tarantino go back to the well and cast some of his most notable collaborators for what will presumably be his victory lap? Or will the acclaimed director play against type and cast actors that are familiar to audiences but strangers to his unique filmography? According to World of, Tarantino might be considering Cate Blanchett to anchor his cinematic swan song

Jeff Snieder has been on a roll when it comes to breaking stories, only for the trades to break them a day later.

In the latest episode of HOT MIC, he had an update on Quentin Tarantino's "The Movie Critic," still set for production this fall.

Sneider is hearing that Tarantino's upcoming film will be "critical of the current state of Hollywood." He add that QT wants Cate Blanchett for the lead role.

These are just rumors, but we'll take whatever we can get about this one. And yes, I have read Giant Freaking Robot's "exclusive," from earlier this week, Sneider tells me that the Margot Robbie casting rumors don't seem to be gelling with what he's heard.