The joy of home improvement projects is captured in this TikTok

Here's a painful-but-funny video that sums up the reality of homeownership. Don't get me wrong, I'm super happy to be a homeowner, and realize what a privilege it is. But sometimes when things around the house start falling part, it's pretty stressful. I've definitely had those weekends—like the one depicted in this TikTok—where everything goes wrong and I decide to tackle a home improvement project and I end up at Lowe's way too many times. The video was uploaded by "The BOLD Fam," which describes itself this way: "Sometimes funny. Always mediocre." Here's a transcript of the video, "Home ownership is truly a blast. Pun intended":


Home ownership is truly a blast. Pun intended.

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"To recap my Saturday. . . [shows a broken pipe spraying water]. I don't even know how the fuck that happens but that happened. And then I stepped in dog shit, then when I go to turn my hose on to clean the dog shit off my shoe, the water comes from inside the wall . . . [shows him turning on the hose that's connected to the outside of his house and water starts leaking everywhere]. This is great! You should buy a house! Then I rip into my wall and discover this. . . [shows a corroded pipe with a slit on it that shouldn't be there]. It's like a little mouth. Do you hear it? "Go fuck yourself." Now I have to go to Home Depot and pretend I know what I'm looking for. Just kidding, I'm gonna go to Lowe's, they just treat you nicer there. [Shows him walking into Lowe's trying to find a cart; there are some carts at the very end of the corridor]: Farthest carts ever! [Talking to a Lowe's employee]: "Do you have a short length of copper pipe?" [shows the bill, which is $107.52]. [Shows him returning to Lowe's]: It obviously wouldn't be a home improvement project if I didn't need to come here a fucking second time! Then I realized that the pieces just come all together . . . [shows video of the completed pipe/faucet project, and the giant hole in his house that remains]. Good as new baby! Look, you can barely even tell I touched it!"