Carvana disrupts the used car market with a stolen Maserati

Carvana sold a stolen 2017 Maserati as a legally obtainable 2021 model to a purchaser in North Carolina. Jason Scott bought his wife a $68,000 used Italian sports luxury car as a gift, only to later have it impounded by the Police. When the Scotts took "their" car to a Maserati dealership for service, falsified VINs were discovered, and it was realized that the car was stolen. Johnny Law was called in.

Carvana initially told they can't help until he returns the vehicle impounded by the Police, and have since begun to rely on the timeless "Can not comment on pending litigation" route.


"That's when they found out that the vehicle was stolen," Scott added.

On the paperwork from Carvana when Scott purchased it, it says the car is a 2021 model, but during service, the technician notes state that it was discovered the parts of the car did not match the year of the VIN. After further investigation, it was discovered the car is not a 2021 model, but instead a 2017 Maserati.

"When they check the VIN number on the chassis, that's when they saw that it was a stolen vehicle. VIN on the car on the window and the car door was different," Scott said.

Police were called and Scott said he was questioned. After he showed proof he bought the Maserati from Carvana, he was free to go but since the car is a stolen vehicle, police impounded it.

Scott promptly called Carvana.