Domino's pizza receipt leads police to 12-year-old boy, arrested for murder

A Domino's pizza receipt was the clue that led police to a 12-year-old boy in Milwaukee who allegedly killed his 34-year-old neighbor in order to steal his shotgun and AR-15 style rifle. The child had played video games with his adult neighbor, Brandon Felton, and according to a criminal complaint via NBC News, had killed the man with a "single gunshot wound to the head."

Three days later, police were called to investigate after nobody had heard from Felton. When police arrived at the man's house, they found Felton on the floor in a puddle of blood, and near him was a Domino's pizza delivery receipt for an order taken by a worker named "Brandy" on a small table. When police called the customer's phone number listed on the receipt, a young voice answered.

From NBC News:

A detective, according to the complaint, called the phone number on the receipt which was answered by a "young-sounding male," the complaint said. The person who picked up the phone denied knowing someone named Brandy and hung up, the complaint said.

The child's mother took the boy to speak with police on March 18, the complaint said. The boy said he heard about Felton's death from his grandmother. The boy when confronted about the pizza order, said the phone was his and no one uses it or has borrowed it.

The boy's story, according to the complaint, changed several times. …

The boy's mother, according to the complaint, told police her child had lied to investigators. …

…[W]hen asked if the child is being tried as an adult, Holtz wrote: "In Wisconsin, any child charged with a homicide of this classification, if the child is over the age of 10, starts out being charged as an adult and then can ask the court to transfer their case back to juvenile court jurisdiction."

During a search warrant for the boy's phone, detectives discovered incriminating text messages sent on March 9, the complaint said.

Although at least one other person — a so-called friend of either the boy's or Fenton's — might have been involved with the crime, it isn't clear if anyone else was arrested. A 100,000 bond was set on Monday, according to NBC.