Marjorie Taylor Greene warns Alvin Bragg to stop it right now, or "America is over"

A frenzied Marjorie Taylor Greene frets about "innocent President Trump," warning Americans that if Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg doesn't "stop what he's doing" — investigating Donald Trump's alleged hush money scandal — the U.S. will no longer exist.

"Alvin Bragg – he's on the verge of breaking the law for bringing fake charges against President Trump and politically attacking the top Republican presidential candidate of 2024," she said. (See video, posted by Patriot Takes, below.)

"I'm telling you right now, once we cross this line in this country, America is over as you know it," she continued. "That's why Alvin Bragg has to stop what he's doing, wake up from his Trump-derangement syndrome, and do not bring charges against an innocent President Trump."

If being "over as you know it" means resisting would-be dictators by holding politicians — including former twice-impeached presidents — accountable, then that's a change I think we can all live with.

Front page thumbnail image: Boing Boing / Midjourney