Master maker's five-year-old hacked-up "Truckla" still the only Tesla truck anyone can enjoy

In 2018, in anticipation of Tesla's Cybertruck announcement (remember how that went?), comedic maker, Simone Giertz, did a project that went global. She took a Tesla Model 3 and converted it into the world's first Tesla truck, dubbed Truckla.

You may have wondered over the years what happened to Truckla (I did). In this video she talks about how she's been using Truckla, what upgrades she wants, and then she sends it out to some custom car pros to do those upgrades.

Simone also visits robotics developers Viam in New York where they design Chargla, an automated charging robot for Truckla. Viam has made the design files open source so you can create your own robotic EV charging station, if you want.