Simone Giertz makes a parent robot that pats her on the back (after she deposits money into it)

My favorite comedic maker, Simone Giertz, brings another silly robot into the world as she builds a robotic parent that will pat her on the back and say: "Good job, son" -- after she feeds it a quarter.

As always, there are some genuinely funny moments here, like when she looks into the camera and says:

"Isn't this fun?, she says into a completely empty room while building a machine that will show her affection."

There is also a reveal towards the end as to who voices the dad. Appropriate. Read the rest

Simone Giertz makes a paper shredder from her own brain scan

As you may know, YouTuber and Queen of Shitty Robots (and other sketchy maker projects), Simone Giertz, had to have brain surgery a year ago. One thing she acquired during this scary ordeal was a collection of MRI scans of her own brain.

What to do with these scans? Well, make a brass paper shredder in the shape of your own brain, obviously! As Simone explains, the idea was to make such a machine so that she could feed her hopes and dreams into it and have them shredded. Dark, Simone. Dark.

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Simone "Shitty Robots" Giertz has big, makerish plans for her brain tumor

John Cog writes, "Inventor extraordinaire Simone Giertz (YouTube's 'Queen of Shitty Robots') (previously) is already planning funny new experiments for that 'weird radiation mask' that 'looks like something from like a low-budget sci-fi' that she'll be wearing for her next six weeks of new radiation therapy for a non-cancerous (but scary) brain tumor (previously). 'And fortunately, I get to keep it!' she adds cheerfully. 'So I'm just trying to think of -- that's like the one thing. I'm like, 'Ooh, what projects could I do with this...?' Read the rest

Simone Giertz on why we all should be making useless things

Donning a rad vest made with googly eyes, Shitty Robots' inventor extraordinaire Simone Giertz (who recently announced she has a brain tumor) makes a solid case for creating "useless" things in a TED Talk (!) she gave in April.

In this joyful, heartfelt talk featuring demos of her wonderfully wacky creations, Simone Giertz shares her craft: making useless robots. Her inventions -- designed to chop vegetables, cut hair, apply lipstick and more -- rarely (if ever) succeed, and that's the point. "The true beauty of making useless things [is] this acknowledgment that you don't always know what the best answer is," Giertz says. "It turns off that voice in your head that tells you that you know exactly how the world works. Maybe a toothbrush helmet isn't the answer, but at least you're asking the question."

Bonus: In her behind-the-TED-Talk-scenes video, she shares how she made that googly eyes vest (because you do need to know):

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Simone Giertz, queen of the shitty robots, has a brain tumor

Simone Giertz (previously), a roboticist/satirist/artist/youtuber, has announced that she has a brain tumor the size of a golf-ball behind one of her eyes; it is operable but she could experience longterm vision-loss, paralysis, or cognitive impairment. Her video announcement is brave and funny and moving, and as one of her ardent admirers, I am certainly pulling for her. (via Four Short Links) Read the rest

Simone "Shitty Robots" Giertz hunts a robot and eats its tofu

Simone Giertz is the beloved creator of a series of Shitty Robots, and now she's working at longer lengths, having created hilariously profane, shitty-robot-themed show about vegetarianism and robots, which culminates in the construction, stalking, killing and eating of a tofu-impregnated robot that she and Adam Savage built. It's pretty much perfect. (via Beyond the Beyond) Read the rest