Donald Trump held an intimate dinner with J6 families to hug them, says his lawyer

After Donald Trump incited the Capitol insurrection and then ignored his imprisoned MAGA soldiers — even calling them antifa as they pleaded for a pardon — his lawyer is now praising the mad Qult leader for the adoration he showed over the weekend while hosting a dinner for the insurrectionists' families.

"He shook their hands. He gave them hugs. And he just keeps on fighting," Alina Habba said with glazed enthusiasm. (See video below, posted by Patriot Takes.)

Doing a quick Google search, I don't see any news of a Mar-a-Lago shindig over the weekend celebrating the failed coup. But Habba insists her authoritarian boss spread some love last night — a common tactic most abusers, cult leaders, and dictators do after acts of cruelty.

"I was with him last evening, he was playing music at Mar-a-Lago, enjoying himself, and living his best life," she gushed.

"Before he started dinner last night, he stood up and he played that Jan. 6 orchestra song, and we stood up and said the National Anthem, and we all stood with our hands over our hearts," the Kool-aid swigger continued. "And we prayed for this country, we were there with families of Jan. 6 people who have been falsely imprisoned, and they were crying." (But why the families who were betrayed by Trump were crying, she did not disclose.)

When mentioned by the host that no one had heard about the Mar-a-Lago kumbaya, Habbas insisted that Trump doesn't stage such events for the optics, but that he hosts such dinners because "he's got such a big heart." He also needs to rejuvenate his armed mob.

"And that's why I will see you in the White House in '24. And he's going to be there."

It's fascinating how, with Trump picking up speed again, what's left of the old GOP "establishment" still can't bring themselves to pipe up — even after Trump caused Republicans to suffer in the last three elections and will most certainly do it again.

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