Trump's nightmarish "Project 2025" is summed up in a one-minute nutshell (video)

A new video by The Lincoln Project explains Donald Trump's extreme "Project 2025" in a one-minute nutshell (see below).

"They say Project 2025 will change your life," a narrator begins. "For once, they're telling the truth."

The video then runs through some of the planned action items of the Project — a "roadmap for total control" — that includes controlling "your life, your body, every one of your freedoms, what you can read and say and where you can travel." And that's not all.

"Trump will round up American citizens, [and] put the crazy and corrupt in power — forever," continues the narrator, with images of "crazy" Marjorie Taylor Greene and "corrupt" Steve Bannon to illustrate his point.

But it's Lara Trump who sums up Project 2025 best. Wearing a pair of white jeans — similar to what the MAGA-like Serena Waterford wore in a Handmaid's Tale flashback before the Republic of Gilead forced her into a dowdy religious smock — Trump's naive daughter-in-law thinks she is out of firing range when she says, "It's four years of scorched earth when Donald Trump retakes the White House."

And four years of a scorched life for you, my dear. Four years and beyond, that is, if Trump has his way.

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