The Introvert's Paradox: Brave Dave's TikTok explores the love-hate relationship with socializing

As an introvert who sometimes suffers from social anxiety, this TikTok video speaks to me. It highlights a conversation (with both characters played by "Brave Dave," who runs the channel) between an incredibly extroverted and persistent Dungeon Master and a would-be D&D player who has expressed interest in joining a game but is also doing his best to avoid having to actually commit or be around people. The battle between wanting to join a social event and not wanting to actually be around people is definitely something I've experienced, how about you?

If you want to learn more, go follow Brave Dave on TikTok — he posts content about being neurodivergent, and experiencing life with ADHD and social anxiety, all in an endearing and humorous way. I think his tagline sums it up: "Confident enough to post, insecure enough to think y'all hate it." Oh, how I relate!

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