Mississippi artist creates exhibit of "phallic" objects, bought at Walmart, to protest ridiculous statue of David debacle

In response to the ridiculous "David statue" fiasco that recently happened in Florida, Mississippi artist Mitchell Gaudet channeled his incredulity and rage into an art project featuring "symbolically sexual objects" that he bought at Walmart. NOLA.com explains:

He spent $600 on items including a sleek racing bicycle seat, a green plantain, a hammer, a toy baseball bat … you get the picture.  He arranged the male-ish objects in his Waveland art gallery as if they were precious artifacts, on pedestals and in lighted cases.

Visitors had to enter the gallery through the back door. The windows were blocked with lurid red curtains, and a sign warned that "No one under 18 years of age admitted without parental permission or supervision."

It was amazing how the warning made entering the show seem sort of naughty. The pink pool noodle, Star Wars-style lighted sword, dill pickles, live cacti, a toy assault rifle, and pistolette suddenly seemed deliciously risqué.

I love the project—it's a perfect mirror to reveal how completely asinine things have gotten in Florida (and in so many other places and with so many other people, sadly—I'm looking at you, Kid Rock). 

You can learn more about Mitchell Gaudet here, and see photos of the exhibit here.