This awesome desk lamp is as efficient as it is a work of art

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When it comes to your home, a messy, cluttered space can take a physical toll on your mental state. But if you're still decorating your office or bedroom with the same old pieces you've had for years, you could very well be missing out on items that can encourage tidiness and more efficiency, and, of course, way better energy.

Instead of opting for a run-of-the-mill lamp, choosing a more aesthetically pleasing item can really make a difference. That's where this LED table lamp comes into play. The lamp provides 2280 lumens of gorgeous, glowing light, completely adjustable, allowing you to select the amount of lighting you want to fit whatever ambiance you're craving. But that's just the beginning.

In addition to providing light, this lamp is also incredibly unique looking, with a moveable frame that contains tiny grains of sand. With each turn of the frame, the sand creates different formations, each one more interesting than the last, adding an element of beauty to whatever tabletop it sits on. It's constructed with durable materials and crystal-clear glass that's easy to keep clean. Plus, an anti-skid pad prevents it from sliding around or leaving scratches on any of your hard surfaces.

But just because this lamp is easy on the eyes doesn't mean it lacks efficiency. It proves to be incredibly functional, boasting 5W wireless charging compatible with Qi-enabled devices, which means fewer cables cluttering your workspace. But it also allows you to plug in any phone or tablet that could use a charge, thanks to its built-in USB port. And less clutter can mean less stress, more productivity, and a happy mind.

Elevate your space with The Moving Sand Sandscapes LED Table Lamp, now just $85.99, (reg. $129). 

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