Watch Succession's Kieran Culkin fire through questions on Hot Ones

Isn't it weird when you listen to an actor in real life, and they're nothing like their roles? Obviously, that's the whole point of the profession, but there's something inside of us that subtly hopes actors bear some resemblance to their most memorable characters. Take James Marsters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel, for example. Even though our brains tell us that Marsters is an actor, hearing him speak without a British accent is always a little unsettling. Part of the reason celebrities have stalkers comes from the very human desire to project the traits of a star's public persona on the person behind the mask. 

Having said all that, it's incredibly refreshing to watch Kieran Culkin's interviews to discover that he's nothing like his infinitely punchable yet uproariously hilarious character Roman Roy from HBO's Succession. In the video linked above, you can watch Culkin answer questions over buffalo wings on Hot Ones