Crossover+ makes it not so yucky to use Windows applications on your browser

TL;DR: Regardless of what browser you use, you can run windows applications with Crossover+, which is just $50 right now.

Everyone at this point has their tech affinities, whether they be bred out of actually caring about how the technology works or because you don't really care to go out and compare which other thing to use instead. Plus, if you're a PC person and you start trying to do the same typing form and keyboard shortcuts on a Mac or vice-versa, you know it's not really supposed to be a dexterous process anyways. BUT, you have to admit that Windows products are pretty darn good. Their apps just have features nobody else does. 

That's where CrossOver+ comes in. Basically, it's a program that makes your Windows applications run like a dream on MacOS, Linux, or ChromeOS. No more of the clunky error messages that pop up whenever you try and use your computer cross-functionally. Right now, for a limited time, each browser's version of CrossOver+ is over 30% off. This is best of web pricing, so don't wait to invest. 

With one click installation, you can get this badboy running in mere minutes, and start working the way you actually want to. If you have never even thought about Windows applications for working, we hear you. This product also happens to work pretty great for games. 

Say goodbye to the annoyances you've gotten so used to, like software lag, the cost of Windows OS, and the time that it normally takes to even fathom integrating this yourself. One writer from Wired wrote: "In general, running CrossOver Office was so similar to using Office on a standard Windows system that it was sometimes difficult to remember the PC was actually running Linux." 

Master software code switching with CrossOver+, which is on sale for a limited time: 

Price subject to change.