Die-hard whiskey lover destroys collection in viral video, slams Jack Daniels for going "woke"

A die-hard Jack Daniels fan made a video of himself throwing away his prized memorabilia collection in protest of what he perceives as the brand "going woke." The man, a self-proclaimed supporter of Jack Daniels for over 40 years opens with an explanation of his loyalty to the whiskey brand, saying, "As you all know, I am the biggest advocate and supporter of Jack Daniels whiskey. Have been for 40 years of my life if not longer. Here's the deal. You went woke."

He accuses the company, which has been producing whiskey since 1866, of suddenly changing its values.

The disgruntled fan then proceeds to throw various cherished Jack Daniels items into a trash can, including a mirror and glasses featuring the brand's logo. He also tosses a wooden Jack Daniels sign into an outdoor firepit and douses it with several bottles of the whiskey, including two particularly expensive varieties priced at $250 and $100 per bottle. After igniting the sign, however, the flames extinguish almost instantly as the alcohol burns off.

The video ends with the man bidding a bitter farewell to Jack Daniels, saying, "Fuck your woke ass company."

Do think he's going to miss having a sip of his once-beloved beverage?