Check out the Snail Mail Club

I've been publishing zines for over 20 years, mostly in response to a world gone way too digital, so I love that Manual, a company specializing in beautifully-designed objects, launched the Snail Mail Club. Described on the 'product' page as a

"snail mail" club where you'll receive Risograph printed postcards (and possibly full-on zines) about slow living— as well as the occasional new product announcement.

As a subscriber, I can say that the first installment (pictured) did not disappoint, and honestly, I really just enjoy anything Manual's founder Craighton Berman touches… so it just felt extra special finding this is my mailbox. And oh, by the way, at least at the time of this post, it's a free subscription! So what on earth is stopping you fellow time travelers? Go sign up!