MAGA lets their stupid show as they cry that Bud Light is somehow "woke" (video)

The GQP can fume all they want over the fact that Bud Light is chumming up to the LGBTQ community, but Budweiser knows exactly what they're doing. While transphobic Kid Rock and the foolish MAGA mob think there's a woke soul behind a green shimmery curtain hiding in the bowels of Budweiser, the dim-witted conservative capitalists are forgetting one tiny detail: Bud Light doesn't give a shit about anything but their bottom line. Which Twitter's Kat Abu so succinctly reminds everyone the video below.

"There is no multi-billion dollar corporation that would put any rights over profit. So while I think it's awesome that Bud Light is publicly supporting the trans community, they pour thousands into market research before any ad campaign," she says. "Also, conservatives running over Bud Light with their trucks is pretty solid, free advertising."

Abu then says she almost laughed over Tucker Carlson's moronic hope that Bud goes bankrupt. "Actually, let's be clear," she says. "Corporations don't go woke because of liberal brownie points. It just turns out that bigotry isn't as profitable as it used to be." This is a case when capitalism is "easy to drink, easy to enjoy."

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