This tiki bar speakeasy is hidden inside an unmarked box truck

Imagine if a tiki bar and Lost Horizon Night Market had a lovechild – the result would be Tiki Mirage, an immersive mobile speakeasy experience in Los Angeles created by Aaron Girard, Max Masuda-Farkas, and Nick Newberg. Housed within a 33-foot white box truck, this one-of-a-kind venue features a thatched-wall horseshoe bar for ten, adorned with nautical kitsch galore. Guests can sip on cocktails from a special menu designed by award-winning mixologist Gaby Mlynarczyk. However, unlike Lost Horizon's trucks, Tiki Mirage can be rented and will come to you. How fun is that? Contact for more information.

Photo: Tiki Mirage/used with permission