Police detain man over misunderstood beer-enhancing condiment

In this video, we see a man who is being detained by police as they examine a small plastic bag of white powder found in his sunglasses case.

"White crystal substance," says Officer #1. "Probably gonna be methamphetamine but we will test it just to make sure.

"That's salt!" yells the detained man. "God, it's salt!"

"Okay, we'll figure it out in a second," Officer #2 says to the man.

"Who would keep salt in a bag like that?" Officer #1 asks Officer #2.

When they test the white powder with a drug identification kit, Officer #1 remarks, "That consistency is definitely salt. "It's clear, right? That is the first time I've ever seen anything like that."

Office #2, still unsatisfied with the test result, says to the man, "I'm still confused as to why you keep a bag of salt tied up like that in your sunglass holder."

The man replies, "Because I keep it convenient to put it in my beer to drink it. I pour in a cup of ice with salt."

Can't argue with that!