WB kills quality arm "HBO" and doubles down on transphobe's tired story

WB Discovery will attract more viewers to "Max" by dropping HBO as its too associated with premium content. Rather than be a place for the good stuff, WB wants you to open up "Max" and watch the paint dry.


And removing HBO from the streaming service's name also signals an ambition to attract more subscribers.

"Dropping HBO from the name is cementing that 'we're not just a home for premium programming,'" Ms. Alexander said. "'We're the home for anything you want to watch.'"

To ensure we don't find anything new or exciting on "Max," WB is announced it will invest massive resources in retelling noted and outspoken transphobe JK Rowling's stories about magic people. Seemingly the Harry Potter story wasn't told in enough detail in Rowling's books or the prior movies. WB has proudly partnered with Rowling to turn each book into an entire season. I wonder if they will present the death eaters as wanting to live their best, most evil lives.


As for how close the author will be to the series, Bloys said, "[Rowling] will be involved. She's an executive producer on the show. Her insights are going to be helpful on that."

Warner Bros Discovery CEO David Zaslav had met with Rowling several times in the UK and has been a champion for a Harry Potter series. He's even spoken up in support of her in the wake of the ongoing controversy.

Asked about Warner Bros' parameters with the Harry Potter verse, and Rowling's oversee, Zaslav responded, "We're free to do anytning we want in some areas; in some areas we need to do it with J.K., in other areas we have full ability to go forward. This is just a full deploymnt on the Max platform of Harry Potter, and we still have the chance to develop her other properties."