Marjorie Taylor Greene mocks Lindsey Graham with fake photo of Senator enjoying Bud Light

Marjorie Taylor Greene didn't take kindly to being called "irresponsible" by Lindsey Graham after she praised arrested Pentagon leaker Jake Teixeira. And so the churlish Qongresswoman did what she does best and shot back with a bogus and bigoted mishit, posting a photo of Graham holding a can of Bud Light with (gasp!) trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney's face on it. A real zinger. Of course, coming from Greene, the gotcha photo wasn't even real, but doctored from a 2015 photo of Graham holding a mug of beer (See Tweeted images below, posted by Bimmatrice.)

From Mediaite:

When Teixeira was arrested last week on charges of disseminating classified information, Greene defended him while claiming the Biden administration was persecuting him for being "white, male, christian, and antiwar." Graham strongly disagreed on Sunday, saying that "for any member of Congress to suggest it's okay to leak classified information because you agree with the cause is terribly irresponsible! And puts America in serious danger."

Greene's invocation of the Mulvaney Bud Light cans might not be terribly surprising, given her frequent attacks on transgenderism. On the other hand, since Greene chose this manner of retaliating against Graham, it is possible she sought to dig up recurring insults about Graham that have to do with sexuality.

Front page thumbnail image: Boing Boing / Midjourney